Monday, October 28, 2013

Gratitude. Wholeness. (the special sauce)

Last night I heard the amazing Hans King say in an interview,

What if we knew that we already are enough?

What would life be if we knew that everything we need is within?

I have been hearing this concept for years. It wasn't until this past month or so that I finally got it.

I realized it was time to surrender to something.
You see, for years I've been dreaming of having my own office space.

I thought that this was the "missing piece" in my life and business. That if I finally had my own space, everything would fall into place.

Once I created this for myself, however, I soon discovered it wasn't the right time and it wasn't the answer.

I decided to move my office into our backyard cottage which we had been renting out for years to keep our overhead down.

The month before I moved in, our landlords raised the rent. They've never raised it in the 8 years we've lived here. So not only did we have to come up with more $ to cover the office space, our rent was now higher.

I stubbornly held my ground and "gritted my teeth" for the next month as I struggled to make it work financially. I knew I needed to give up the office for now. But because I was so jet set on creating this space and it was going to be the answer to my prayers I stalled for a while.

I tried to stay in a place of positivity and knowing that I could create the extra income to make it work. I totally could have. I know this. I just didn't and I felt like a failure.

Then, I surrendered. Fully. It was much easier than I thought and it actually felt good. 

This time something inside of me shifted.

I decided to be grateful for every moment I had left in that studio and realized I already had everything I needed to manifest my dreams, with or without the office space.

Then I looked at my mind chatter, which Hans King says kills our dreams.

The thoughts that come from a place of lack and "not enoughness" had been running the show.

So I decided to feel grateful in every moment about everything in my life. In addition, I decided to change my energy around prayer and desire.

I cultivated a feeling of wholeness within as I envisioned and got really clear about what I want.

In my daily meditation practice, for example, I end with "I am open to receiving..." and list a few wonderful desires and then I say "I release this up into the universe, knowing that all that I desire is already here. I am so grateful." Then I bow in deep gratitude, knowing all is well and that I am truly complete in the moment.

I am amazed by what I've manifested with this new attitude and new energy around my desires.

I still want to have my own office space, but it is not at the top of my list anymore. It will manifest exactly at the right time.

My priorities have shifted.

Today I am focusing on what is most important to me right now:

  • Studying with my teachers. 
  • Seeking out new teachers. 
  • Creating incredible new products and offerings. 
  • Travel. 
  • Self-Love.

It is so fun to watch these desires manifest right before my eyes as I continue to cultivate that feeling of wholeness as opposed to the feeling of lack.

I am complete. I am enough. I have everything that I need.

You are complete. You are enough. You have everything you need. 

Feel into your own wholeness and gratitude. Breathe deeply and close your eyes as you give thanks for all of the blessings in your life. Think of one quality you love about yourself and say "thank you".

Now, get clear about what you truly desire and manifest from this place.

Watch what happens and enjoy the ride!


mythicDrumGirl said...

Love this reminder to be in alignment with all of the abundance we have, in each breath and in each smile.

I completely support you in your quest for financial freedom and independence too.

I'm happy to be on that journey with you to learn how to play in the field of abundance.

Love you dearly Sistar!



Lisa Beck said...

Darling Kris ~

Yes. We must ask from a place of wholeness and manifest from a place of gratitude...knowing that we are enough right now. Financial freedom, abundance and so much more for you, for me and for all of us on this journey!

I love you sister.


Arielle Christner said...

Yes. A timely reminder, beautifully worded and so insightful as always! Thank you for sharing your journey, to the benefit of all XO

Lisa Beck said...

Thank you sweet Arielle! xo