Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer of Transformation

photo by rs thurston
At the beginning of 2012, my words were "Magic Abundance".

This year has been all of that (and a bag of chips)!

I have experienced more abundance this year as an entrepreneur; I have created, crafted and envisioned brand new offerings that include collaborations with women who I'm extremely inspired by (Aparna Khanolkar, Kris Oster, and Tia Walker to name a few)...and I've come to a place emotionally and spiritually that is more grounded, trusting, focused, open, and peaceful.

As I move forward, I know that there is a lot more magic to be had for 2012.

This summer, I've decided to do more traveling than I originally planned (yahoo!). I've also decided to do a lot more writing, journaling and inner work as I prepare for this next stage in my life (career, relationships, all of it).

I feel that I have released and continue to release old patterns and old gunk that I no longer need or wish to carry. This year has been a transformational year and it continues to be one. This summer I welcome in more opportunities to expand, release, step up, and celebrate.

I am grateful for the growth that has already happened in my life. I feel it on so many levels.

I feel lighter and more in the flow of life.

I feel like a "magical manifestor"and I understand on a deeper level, the importance of clarity, organization, and intention.

I am getting ready for big things ahead. Making my dreams come true ~ and beyond! I am so grateful to know this....

So, I won't be pumping out classes + workshops as much during the next few months (check out my updated class schedule here), BUT I will be creating a lot of magic and getting ready to launch amazing new offerings and products for the fall....

I will also continue to blog here and offer amazing goodies over at Grace, Power, & Beauty

Happy Summer! May it be a wild, beautiful, transformational and joy-filled adventure for us all!

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