Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shedding Skin

This past week and weekend have been way intense. From extreme highs to low lows, my emotions have been on a roller coaster. Blame it on the eclipse or on the time of year or what not...it has been quite a ride.

I am shedding skin.

Transformation. Rising up from the ashes. Stepping into my new self. Releasing emotions, thoughts, stories, beliefs. Witnessing old memories and patterns come up.

Heavy stuff.

Death, re-birth, transitions.

My mind has been on overdrive and the thousands of details I need to take care of try to run me. I will not let them.




I have said over and over again how important it is to check in and take care of you. I am in the process of walking my talk. I am seeing the gaps and realizing where I sell myself short. I am examining and processing old shit. I am allowing the tears to flow. I am taking baths, resting, meditating, sitting in my garden, cooking and sharing my heart with my friends. I am being with the pain and the joy.

It is not always easy to take care of you when the heaviness and intensity of life is weighing on you and when you see and sense and experience the sadness and grief of others, too.

But then, I step back and take a better look. What is my problem? Life is grand. Life is beautiful. Life is for me and life wants me to soar and stretch and be amazing.

My life is frickin' awesome and these raw emotions and experiences are part of what make life beautiful. I honor these transformative times. Times when I feel pulled down or pushed around or frustrated or overstimulated. Times when I notice an imbalance in my life. Times when my loved ones are going through it and my heart is heavy. These experiences are showing me what I need, what I want, how I love, who I love, and how I want to live my life.

I feel gratitude. Shedding skin is a process. It means we are going to come out of this shinier and stronger than ever.

I am ready.

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