Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Gratitude for Drum + Dance

I found my "voice" and my dharma through drum + dance.

Performing with Panzumo + dancer Asia Warren 
at the YMCA in 2007 or 2008.

Performing with Panzumo/Konkoba at the grand 
re-opening of the Granada Theater in 2008

When I really think about it and feel the gratitude for moving to SB, meeting Budhi, and connecting with so many drum + dance artists these past 13 years, I feel as though I want to fall on my knees and humbly bow to the universe/god/goddess for this amazing life.

This life in which I get to share myself - my truth, my passion, my love, my deepest self through music and dance with thousands of people every year, every month, every day. 

one of our first dance performances with Panzumo 
(and Konkoba) at Ojai Day, with dancers Asia 
Warren + Kristen Hoye, 2008

Performing with Budhi + Dramane Kone for a private wedding

It is a blessing beyond anything I ever imagined. And that I get to collaborate with, teach, and learn from some of the most amazing people in this world...people who love to love, love to support, love to inspire and share and work together towards a greater today and a greater tomorrow. 

Dancing to "Sinte" at Little Beach in Maui at their Sunday 
night drum circle. I was just emerging as a dancer and 
teacher and this was me stepping forward in a BIG WAY.

Me and my Bollywood dancers at the Panzumo 
Spring Concert in 2011. Photo by RS Thurston 
I am humbled. 
I am blessed. 
I am in deep gratitude today. 

Thank you.

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