Tuesday, April 3, 2012

spring clean your machine!

I hope you are enjoying the season for renewal and cleansing! This is a great time of year to check in with your health and see if there are any habits you are ready to let go of, or good habits to add to your daily self-care routine. Taking care of your body is key to experiencing a happy and fulfilled life!

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your BODY

1. Daily Green Smoothies. Yes, I've been a green smoothie cheerleader for some time now, but I can't stress enough how amazingly healthy and energizing these little green bombs of love are! Check out my very own personal favorite recipe HERE

2. Do a cleanse. Spring is the perfect time to clean yourself out and show your body how much you care and adore it! I am currently on day 2 of the 21 Day Crazy, Sexy, Diet Cleanse by Kris Carr. I'm cutting out the crap and eating nourishing and energizing foods! Super easy, super fabulous...super YOU. Learn more HERE.

I also highly recommend a guided Ayurvedic cleanse. I did a 10 day cleanse with The Mistress of Spice recently, and I never had cravings for sweets or bad stuff while on it. This cleanse was incredible and I highly recommend. Read about my experienceHERE.

3. Find a new activity that brings you JOY! Forget about exercising because your supposed to. What physical activity do you LOVE to do? Perhaps you need to do a little research. Try classes offered in your community. If you live in Santa Barbara, then you must know how SPOILED you are. Whether it's yoga, dance, bootcamps on the beach, flying kites, hiking, running, biking, etc etc...this town has got you covered. Ask around about group classes...there are endless offerings in this department. Because I am a dance junkie, I recommend group Dance classes to kick your butt and make you smile all the way. Everything from hip hop to aerial to tahitian to Brazilian to my personal favorites...Bollywood Fusion, West African, AfroFusion, and so much more.

Every day.
Just move!

4. Try a vegan diet as a fun challenge. Right now, PCRM is offering a free, guided 21-day Vegan Kickstart Challenge beginning April 2. 2 years ago I took the challenge and I've been eating a plant-based diet ever since. But if you are nowhere near wanting to cut out flesh and dairy...but, you know about the benefits of it and are curious? Give it a go! 

Learn more HERE.

5. Schedule in quiet time, every day. Our world is bombarded with information and input. There are endless distractions to take our attention from this thing to that thing and we are going way TOO FAST! Slow down. Schedule at least 10 min in your day of complete silence. Maybe you fall asleep? Maybe that's o.k. and that's what your body needs? Shut off the world for a little bit everyday and see how you feel afterwards. Make this a part of your spring cleaning routine. I'd love to hear how it goes for you.




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