Sunday, April 22, 2012

be the example

One of the greatest challenges in this life, I believe, is to live by example.

We all know the inspiring quote by Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Easier said than done.

This is real work, folks. To look at the people around you, the people in the world and the people in your life...and detach from their so-called misgivings and ignorance and dysfunction...and release your "need" to inform them or better them or change them...surrender to the fact that it is not your job...

Turn the mirror to face you. Check your own misgivings, your ignorance, your dysfunction and work from that place. Realize that it is your job to better YOU. It is your job to be the love, be the compassion, be the peace, be the joy.

What a gift this life is...that we get to be mirrors for each other. And the more we do this work, the more work there is to be done.

This is the stuff of life. Make friends with it. Make it a playful journey instead of a torturous existence, where you are being whipped around by life and thrown into all sorts of directions and all sorts of experiences.

Somebody does you wrong or rains on your parade? Stop, take a breath, send them love + forgiveness and then take a look at yourself.

And...change the way you look at things. Wayne Dyers says that when you do this, the things you look at change.

Try it out. 

When someone is bothering you or pissing you off, you have choices. You can continue to feed this "problem" by feeling frustrated and by focusing on it too much. You can remove yourself or change something about the circumstance so that a different outcome may occur. can tell a completely different story, send this person love and light and maintain an attitude of peace and calm. 

Stop telling the story of dysfunction, and instead tell a story of empowerment. 

If this is too difficult, just breathe, go for a walk, shake it off and then come back to the work. 

This is all up to us. 

Take the reigns.

Check yourself.

Talk less and BE more. Look in the mirror and at your projections. 

We can do this. One moment at a time. We can all do this. 

Life doesn't have to be as difficult as we make it. 

It can be a fun ride...

Enjoy it, lighten up, and be the example. 


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