Monday, January 16, 2012

Letting Go - I'm Ready. Are You?

So I watched an inspiring vlog this morning by Gabby Bernstein entitled "You Gotta Want It" and I am inspired to share my thoughts and my process with you.

For this past year (and longer), I have been trying to let go of patterns and thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. This has been a life-long relationship with something that I have allowed to create an incredible amount of stress and anxiety within me. I'm talking about money here. I have sabotaged myself over and over for years around money and around my attitudes, beliefs and lack mentality.

The past few days I have noticed an incredible amount of physical discomfort and pain (neck, shoulders, lower back, hip and now my knee) and I know deep in my heart that it is connected to anxiety around my finances. This is what our thoughts and negative emotions can do to our precious body temple. This is how dis-ease is created.

Why am I sharing such a personal thing with you?

Well, after watching Gabby's vlog, I feel that it is important to out ourselves sometimes. Face it, put it out there and realize that SO many people struggle with similar issues. I know many friends who are incredibly gifted, talented, smart people who have so much to offer the world but who undervalue themselves and/or have found themselves in mounds of debt.

So Gabby's question is, "Do you really want to let this go? Do you really want to change this? Are you actually ready for radical change?" And if you really, really, really do...the key step now is to SURRENDER. So many times I've proclaimed "This is it! I'm done being a starving artists and I'm done sabotaging myself!" and for a while I am super focused and I begin to feel into the abundance that life really is and I begin to feel supported and organized. Then, I find myself right back where I started because I got lazy or I began to allow the lack mentality to creep back in. I walked right back into my old habits.

So today, I surrender. I am ready for radical change this year. The marketing conference I went to a few weeks ago taught that we have to step outside the box and throw away the box completely. Step out of the comfort zone, into unknown territory, and try something new. Be different. Be ready for radical change. Align yourself with the new you.

Whatever your facing right now, ask yourself if you are really ready to change.

Why do you keep repeating your mistakes or finding yourself in the same situation time after time?

What benefit does staying stuck provide for you?

Is it too scary to let go of your patterns and let go of the negative and destructive habits that keep you where you are? What are you afraid of?

I've been really ready for a long time to claim and accept the abundance that I truly am. But I've been afraid of doing the work...of surrendering and creating new habits, beliefs, attitudes on a daily basis. I think I've wanted this to be an overnight, magical transformation...but I realize that it is daily work.

I am ready to do the work and I ask for your support.

I am ready to let go of my limiting beliefs and destructive attitudes. Are you?

Here is Gabby's vlog:

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