Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: magic abundance

magic abundance.
magic, abundance.
magically abundant.
abundantly magic.

My words, my "phrase" for 2012.

They came to me as I was creating a beautiful altar with the fabulous Beth Amine.

Purple and gold are my magic abundance colors. Purple signifies royalty, nobility and spirituality. Gold signifies wealth and prosperity. These colors, along with silver, white and deep blue, were created as our color pallet for the decorations, costumes and graphics for our Winter Solstice Concert & Fundraiser on Dec 16.

Today I created a vision board for the year. It reflects movement, meditation, magic, spiritual openings, music, rhythm, beauty, love, color, and yes...abundance.

Here is what I created so far:

Budhi asked what magic abundance means to me.

It means creating my own magical world...filled with beauty, prosperity, riches, generosity, endless gifts, brilliant color, vibrant energy and endless possibilities.

I am not talking about living in the clouds or in la-la land.

This world is grounded, strong, powerful, and full of all kinds of magic; ethereal, witchy, alchemical...creating and birthing new from the old, "something" out of "nothing", brilliance from dullness, and so forth.

breaking down barriers
boldly stepping forward
proudly standing tall
creating and co-creating new things
doing unimaginable and ultra-powerful things
going beyond what I think possible
creating and attracting miracles and sweet surprises
communicating with guides and angels
manifesting my big and bold dreams and desires
listening more to my own inner voice
becoming even more of a channel through the offerings of my gifts and through my divine purpose

And I'm not talking only of money when I speak of abundance. I recognize the many forms of abundance all around me at all times.

the wispy clouds that stretch across the sky
the vast and expansive ocean
the beautiful beings (human, beast, angelic) who continue to grace my life
the spiritual teachings and guidance I receive every day
the amount of love that I receive from my pets (never-ending and inexhaustible)
"aha" moments
the inspiring dancers, musicians, painters, writers, teachers, students all around me
the absolute bliss I experience while dancing
and yes, the prosperity and riches (green energy) coming to me in greater amounts so that I can grow my work and my offerings

I could go on and on here...

All I know is this...I am a magical creator of my reality. I see abundance everywhere and magic shows up at every corner.

Today, New Year's Day, we went for a hike and there was evidence all around us.

The sun filtering through the trees?
magic abundance.

A psychedelic caterpillar chomping on leaves, it's brilliant black and yellow stripes dancing as it moved?
magic abundance.

Large trout swimming in the crystal clear pools?
magic abundance.

The sweet and spicy aroma from eucalyptus and bay trees?
magic abundance.

The sound of the creek trickling through the rocks during a few moments of meditation?
magic abundance. 

Each moment was (and is) alive and pulsating with potential, possibilities and opportunities for magic and abundance.

And when you are open to it...even expecting it, it shows up for you in magical and abundant ways.

I wish for you more magic and abundance this year and each year forward. 

Happy New Year!


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